perkembangan anak usia 2 tahun

Perkembangan Anak 19 Bulan

Growing vocabulary

Although you're probably still understanding less than half of what your toddler says, she's beginning to understand most of the words you use around her. She's also having a vocabulary spurt and putting together pairs of words, like "Me go" or "You put." 

Bossiness and negotiation

To reduce power struggles as your toddler strives for independence, make sure you treat her the way you'd like to be treated. Try compromise instead of commands. Instead of "you can't go outside now," you might say, "we can read a book now and go outside later." Instead of "you must pick up the blocks before dinner," you could make it into a game: "I'll pick up the puzzle pieces while you pick up the blocks." 
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Perkembangan Aniq Farhan
Buat masa ni, memang ada beberapa perkataan yang Farhan gabungkan bersama dan boleh difahami. Contohnya kalau dia nak susu, dia akan sebut, "Nak cu." Kadang-kadang tak dapat nak bezakan antara nak susu atau nak sesuatu sebab kalau dia nak sesuatu, dia akan sebut "Nak thu". Dan kalau tak nak sesuatu, dia akan sebut "Na nak." 

Perkembangan Anak 20 Bulan

Physical milestones

At 20 months, your child will probably be able to run, though not expertly. He may also go up stairs by himself, but he'll most likely need some help on the way down. He can probably kick a ball, too. Most toddlers at 20 months haven't yet got the hang of jumping or throwing a ball overarm. 

Strong attachments

When you or another important adult leaves, it can be unsettling for your child, who relies on your presence to feel secure. Ease transitions by letting him know beforehand that you're going to leave and that you will be back "after lunch," "before tea," or whatever, and then don't drag out your exit. Give him a quick kiss and be off. 

Aggressive behaviour

Small children frequently resort to hitting, pushing, biting, tugging, or any variety of other frowned-upon actions, sometimes to make themselves feel more important, but also to experiment: What happens when I hit ko-ko? Will the same thing happen when I hit Siti? Don't overreact to your toddler's behaviour. If you retaliate by hitting, it teaches that hitting is acceptable. Calmly make clear that such actions are never acceptable -- no matter how intense his feelings. Read more about aggression in two-year-olds here. 

Exploring genitals

Toddlers are naturally curious about everything -- including their genitals. Just as they played with fingers and toes when they were younger, they'll begin to play with their genitals now. It's nothing to worry about -- unless it's happening non-stop. When your child touches himself in public, don't make a huge fuss about it. Just explain that some things are done only at home in private. 
Sumber : BabyCenter Malaysia

Perkembangan Aniq Farhan
Pasal lari, memang Farhan sekarang suka berlari terutama di rumah; berkejaran dengan Firas. Ada masanya dia akan tergolek tapi bangun dan lari semula. Dia pun dah boleh tendang bola tapi adakalanya tersasar.

Pagi ni, semasa nak bersiap ke tempat kerja, tiba-tiba Farhan bangun. Bila dia nampak IbuNoey nak masuk tandas, dia mengamuk nak ikut. Mujur AyahMal ada. AyahMal cuba pujuk. Tapi ketika IbuNoey bersiap-siap nak pakai baju, dia mengamuk sekali lagi. Siap peluk kaki IbuNoey lagi. So, layanlah sekejap dalam 5 minit begitu. Oleh kerana risau terlewat, IbuNoey beri dia pada AyahMal semula secara `paksa'. Rupa-rupanya tindakan IbuNoey tu salah. Dan yang lagi salah tu sebab pagi ni terlupa nak bagi kiss kat dia sebab dah kelam-kabut nak cepat.

Pasal exploring genital, memang perasan dia suka main-main bebird dia masa nak pakaikan pampers. Siap gelak-gelak lagi. Dan adakalanya, dia keluarkan bebird dia melalui celah-celah pampers kalau IbuNoey pasang pampers tu agak longgar. Risau juga kalau jadi kebiasaan.nanti. Tapi sebenarnya tak perlu risau pun sebab dia cuma main masa tu je. 

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