Hari ni dok godek-godek Mr Google pasal susu S26. Entah kenapa rasa macam nak bagi semula Susu S26 untuk Firas. Kalau nak tahu kenapa IbuNoey tukar daripada susu S26 sebelum ni, boleh baca entri SINI.

Hasil pembacaan IbuNoey kat lawan web WyethNutrition, dapatlah tengok kebaikan susu S26 ni. Antaranya:
  • Is a nutrient-enriched growing-up milk that delivers 226 kcal per 240 mL serving, providing the energy needs of children 4 years and above
  • Is fortified to contain balanced levels of the long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids AA and DHA to help support visual and cognitive development
  • Supplies 54% of its energy content from carbohydrates, a proportion in line with Malaysia Recommended Nutrient Intake (MRNI) for energy from macronutrients in children
  • Contains a soluble dietary fiber, oligofructose, to help support GI tract health
  • S-26® PROMISE GOLD® provides at least 100% of the US Dietary Reference Intake (DRI) for vitamin A, iron, iodine and zinc for less than the recommended intake by older children when fed as directed (3 servings per day). It also meets 100% of the 2008 AAP recommendation for vitamin D intake when fed as directed (3 servings per day)
  • Contains carotenes, which are natural antioxidants with immune-enhancing effects
  •  Provides at least 100% of the US DRI for iron for young children, when 3 servings (720 mL) per day are consumed, to help prevent iron deficiency, which may lead to adverse effects on physical and mind development
Sumber : WyethNutrition

Ni pula kandungan nutrisi yang ada dalam susu S26 Promise Gold.

Available in these sizes:
600g, 1.2kg and 1.8kg (box)/
900g (can)

Dan bila baca ayat di bawah ni, IbuNoey semakin tertarik nak bagi Firas consume semula susu S26 ni.

When consumed as directed, S-26® PROMISE GOLD® provides the recommended daily intake for young children for those key nutrients that children may not receive in adequate amounts from their diet.

Kenapa pula? Sebab Firas sekarang kurang makan dah. Minum susu laju je. Badan pun kecil je. Mungkin kalau minum susu S26 ni, bolehlah tambah lagi nutrisi dia kan. Agak-agak berkesan tak?
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